OrganicA™ Laminated Glass


OrganicA™ autoclave processed laminated glass is our proprietary patented product with only one top glass layer that provides significant advantages over regular laminated glass for one-sided applications:

  • 30% stronger on impact before it fractures than conventional two glass layer laminated glass of the same thickness
  • Optional Carbon Fiber embedded interlayer element can be added to surpass most stringent ANSI and CPSC impact requirements for laminated glass
  • Lighter thinner construction of glass wall panels and table top glass laminated with a large variety of decorative materials including wood veneer, fabrics, meshes and papers
  • Combine any two OrganicA™ designs back-to-back to create a two-sided laminated glass partition within one frame.
  • Corrosion-resistant 99% aluminum rear surface is perfect for attachment to various primed surfaces using commonly available adhesives and tapes
  • OrganicA™ annealed laminated glass panels can be safely and easily cut and drilled, just like regular glass, without the use of special equipment and skill
  • Polymeric chemical-resistant rear surface in place of aluminum is a thinner translucent alternative to regular laminated cabinet glass and glass closet doors, as well as wall artwork installed with the use of standoffs
  • OrganicA™ allows for more cost-effective production with tempered glass, since it requires pre-fabrication of only one glass panel

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