laminated glass leaves

Dried Natural Skeleton Leaves OrganicA™ Laminated Glass

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Glass laminated dried and bleached leaves over solid black.

  • Custom alignment patterns available.
  • Moisture resistant. Suitable for splash backs and powder rooms.
  • Also offered in regular transparent laminated glass.
  • OrganicA™ aluminum backed laminated glass skeleton leaf panels are available for wall and furniture panels.
  • Annealed or tempered Ultra Clear (Low Iron) glass.
  • Made to size with factory edge finish and notches, if required.
  • Thickness/ OrganicA™ laminated glass (aluminum rear surface): 3/16" - 3/4".
  • Thickness/ regular laminated glass: 5/16" - 1" or up to 2" multi-layered.
  • Size: up to 59" x 120"
Samples are available for registered A&D customers.
Email us with your project requirements.